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". . . fantastic, invaluable information. . ."

r. Abagnale consistently receives a number of positive, unsolicited client remarks for his work. Click here to view some select excerpts from the remarks he has received.

"Frank Abagnale is among the top security consultants of our time with a specialty in catching forgers and frauds."

NPR Radio-Performance Today
March 12, 2019

"Mr. Abagnale has trained generations of FBI agents over four decades of working with the FBI."

U. S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R - OK) at Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection held on March 21, 2017

"Frank Abagnale is an extraordinary human being, brilliant, compassionate, honorable and a past master at his craft. The word genius is overused, but here it applies."

David Cid - Former Assistant Agent in Charge Federal Bureau of Investigation, and current Deputy Director of The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism ( September 7th, 2008

I am passing along to you a very special note of thanks and gratitude for all you have done over the years to give back to the FBI. In addition to all of the time you have invested with us, you have also given us something we both would agree is far more valuable and no doubt a great source of pride, and that would be your very own FBI Agent son. You are among the chosen few whom my service is able to call a true friend and colleague. Good luck to you and God bless in the years ahead.

John Lewis
Former Deputy Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
February 2009

Dear Mr. Abagnale,

What a remarkable night you gave us at the FBI Citizens Academy talk Monday evening. We learned a great deal to share with friends and family regarding security, neglect and unnecessary breaches, and particularly the importance of teaching morality. That is something we expect and take for granted. Particularly with the age of internet, if not caught, it's all too easy to manipulate to your ends with no one watching.

The gift of your knowledge to the thousands you speak to these vast years is making a difference. Your experience as a desperate young man, intelligent, successful and driven, lends credence and attention to everything you're telling us. That coupled with your determination to tighten security for our country and ourselves is most admirable. We will do all we can to join your cause.

I sincerely hope that you are enjoying this wonderful work you have chosen. There is no one like you and we all appreciate what you continue to bring to us and our nation.

Good luck and good health!

Margy Whitaker
FBI Citizens Academy
September 1, 2016

Mr. Abagnale,

I recently worked an event where you spoke and was fortunate enough to be able to listen to nearly the entire speech. I was truly moved by your words. In a world where criminality is glorified by Gangster Rap and Mafia/Heist/Criminal movies, it was inspirational to hear the accountability you take for illegal acts that you committed over 30 years ago. When you said "I have been offered 3 pardons from 3 different standing Presidents and I refused them all because I do not believe that a piece of paper excuses what I did." it made my heart sing.

Even more inspiring was your attitude towards what makes a man. Again, in an age where everyone is so concerned with their achievements, their wealth, and their status, you understand that the greatest thing a man could ever do is love his family and his country. I found this so inspirational that I have been waking up an hour earlier every day to spend more time with my wife and son, who turns 6 months next week.

I wanted to thank you for being honest and humble. I also want you to know that even though you do not feel you will ever repay your debt, I believe that you have. By holding yourself accountable, speaking from the heart, loving your wife and children continuously throughout their lives, and continuing to serve your country for 25 years beyond your "obligation". Furthermore, you continue to open your life and your heart to those who hear your message and inspire them to love their country and their families. In my eyes, you have done more than any man could hope to achieve, and then some.

Thank you, Mr. Abagnale. I will keep you and your family in my heart for as long as it beats.

-Jacob Surles
September 13, 2012